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$3~$5 CashBack & Make Extra Money Easy! ︱ Up To $250, One Simple Action


What you can get and how to do?

I.Upload your review on YouTube 

○You can get:
$3-$5 Cashback Directly!
• 10%~20% Extra Bonus on each referred sale from your video viewers.

   For example, there are some YouTube viewers make orders through your promotion link, then you can get 10%-20% extra bonus from each order they made. Bouns can be withdrawed via PayPal, or exchange to items from tee-bee.net.

II.Post your QC pictures in teebee discord channel 

○You can get:
 5% Discount Coupon for next order
Free random gift in next order.
   Post your photos and @Administrator to get your discount.

●YouTube Review Video Points(Very Easy):
1.Duration time > 60 secs
Put 'brand name'+'tee-bee.net review'+'rep/replica/fake' these keywords in title
3.Put your teebee promotion link on the first line to descrition

How get extra money easily through my YouTube Review of Teebee? (Very Easy) 
1.Make YouTube Review Video after delivery, let your viewers know how good your haul is.
2.Insert your promotion link to Video.
  Sign in, enter "Make Money". There is a promote link just for you. Share this link to YouTube Video, also it can be shared to social media(Instagram/Twitter/Facebook,etc).
3.You get bouns from orders of your viewers. This is Win-Win Action! You get money and we get new member.

How much you can earn if you make a good video?

  ◆Tee-bee Order Average Amount → USD$50~$150
  ◆Bouns from Each Viewers Order → USD$50~$150*(10%~15%) =$5~$22.5
◆Views of a Good Video → 5000~10,000+
  ◆How many viewers probably click your link → 10%~25%
How many viewers will finally make order → 10%
How much you can earn from a good video → (5000~10,000)*(10%~25%)*($5~$22.5)*10% =$250~$5625

※These statistics were collected from tee-bee.net and YouTube, it's reliable

●How to share this referral link?
   We recommend you make YouTube video to promote it, because with growth of viewers, your video will get higher ranks, you'll get continued incomes with just one good video. If there is some good way to promote, you can use it as you like.


★User Guide(Get your own promotion link):

Step 1.Click “Make money” in member page. (If you are not our member please sign up firstly)

Step 2.Paste referral link to your YouTube Video or social media. 

Step 3.Click "My Distributor" check your bonus and number of people who join us via your referral link.


Step 4.Click "Withdraw" to get your bouns through paypal or exchange to items.  

1.Promotes Tee-bee.net on YouTube or social platforms
2.Potential customer clicks your link
3.Customer orders at Tee-bee.net
4.You receive bonus

• 10%~20% Bonus on each referred sale.
• Newsletters when new activity and promotions update.

1.Over 1000 items in stock with 20 new arrivals every week
2.Quick customer service and Live chat service
3.Regular Flash Sale


* 10% ~ 20% *
commission per order

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